What the RSBC Certification Offers You

The RSBC Certification will be awarded after candidate who successfully passed the fundamental accreditation exam.  It indicates that:

  • YOU have demonstrated your competency in the area of start-up business consulting.
  • YOU are prepared to accept start-up business consulting assignments.
  • YOU can facilitate clients to enhance operational performance and attain more profits.

The Advanced RSBC designation is awarded to individuals who:

  • Hold the basic RSBC credential,
  • Have passed the Advanced RSBC exam, which is a higher-level exam and more comprehensive than the basic RSBC exam
  • Have concluded at least four approved start-up business consulting assignments.

The RSBC is specifically organized to promote excellence in start-up business consulting and designed to be reasonable to individuals interested in improving their knowledge in all features of start-up business operations. The SEMP Approach: Simplified Examination to Maximize Profit training focuses on all core competencies necessary to consult with start-up business clients. This training will balance your known business knowledge and experience or enable you enter an innovative professional field.

Benefits of Getting Accredited:

  • Differentiate you from the other industry practitioners.
  • Recognition of your professionalism in the industry of start-up business consulting.
  • Recognition by the public of your RSBC designation.

The Process

The process to become a Registered Start-Up Business Consultant (RSBC) involves three steps:
(1) become a member,
(2) prepare for the exam, and
(3) pass the exam.