What is the RSBCI?

The Registered Start-up Business Consultant Institute provides certification to individuals demonstrating a proficiency in start-up business consulting.  The RSBC is an international institute specializing in professional development and certification of start-up business consultants.  Our proprietary professional development materials and practice supports are designed to develop proficiency in start-up business consulting. Registered Start-up Business Consultants have the credibility and knowledge to facilitate clients in improving operational effectiveness leading to increased business value and profitability.


Why was the RSBCI formed?

The Registered Start-up Business Consultant Institute (RSBCI) is an international institute that was formed in response to the impact start-up businesses have on the worldwide economy.  The core training of the RSBCI is the SEMP Approach: Simplified Examination to Maximize Profit – start-up business consulting training manual and a 40 video SEMP Approach lecture series.  The objective of the SEMP Approach is to increase operational efficiency and maximize profit for start-up businesses.

RSBCI Accreditation

The RSBC accreditation is awarded to individuals who successfully pass the accreditation exam.  It demonstrates knowledge in the area of start-up business consulting necessary to facilitate clients in achieving higher profits and improving operational performance.

The RSBC is the first accreditation awarded after the successful completion of the basic exam. This demonstrates sufficient knowledge by an individual in the field of start-up business consulting. At this level, an RSBC is prepared to accept start-up business consulting assignments. The Advanced RSBC is awarded to individuals holding the RSBC accreditation, have completed at least four approved start-up business consulting assignments, and passed the Advanced RSBC exam, which is a higher-level exam and more comprehensive than the basic RSBC exam.

Any RSBCI member in good standing is eligible to take the RSBC exam. The Advanced RSBC exam is reserved for members in good standing holding the RSBC accreditation, who have completed at least four approved start-up business consulting assignments, and have passed the Advanced RSBC exam.

The RSBC exam is intended to test your knowledge of the fundamental skills required to adequately undertake start-up business consulting assignments.  The basic exam consists of a timed, 120 multiple choice question exam taken on your own computer. Once you start the exam, you will not be able to stop and restart it.  The passing rate is 75.  If candidate fails, he/she can retake the exam after at least 24 hour.  The exam may be retaken multiple times, if necessary, with no additional cost or time period in which the exam has to be taken or passed after joining.  After the exam is completed, you will receive instant results that will advise you on the areas that you should review.  The Advanced RSBC exam consists of a timed, 100 multiple choice question exam with a higher degree of difficulty.  The Advanced exam also incorporates analyzing various business scenarios with related questions.

The SEMP Approach training manual and 40 video SEMP Approach lecture series provide you with the necessary learning tools that will enable you to pass the exam. All of the questions are derived from the training manual and 40 video lecture series. You should be able to pass the exam by seriously studying the materials and watching the SEMP Approach video lecture series.

Currently, the RSBCI does not require continuing education in order to maintain the RSBC or Advanced RSBC accreditation.  The RSBCI recognizes the importance of keeping current on best practices in the field of start-up business consulting and encourages all members, regardless of accreditation status, to stay up-to-date on current issues and trends.  Due to the wide diversity of start-up businesses, industries, organizational structures, and financial frameworks, the RSBCI has elected to promote continuing education through the voluntary support of each member in the continuing pursuit of excellence and comprehension related to start-up business consulting.  The RSBCI recommends expanding start-up business consulting skills and knowledge through continuous study of newsletters, special reports, consulting tips, manual revisions, journal articles, and other sources of information that lend value to a member’s specific clients and specific situations.


Joining the RSBCI allows you to learn how to become a start-up business consultant and become an accredited member.  Benefits include
  1. the SEMP Approach training manual in printed and digital versions and a 40 video SEMP Approach lecture series (all you need to prepare for the certification exam),
  2. monthly e-newsletters that can be used for client distribution,
  3. downloadable checklists, client intake form, and special reports,
  4. professionally prepared PowerPoint presentations for marketing your consulting practice,
  5. member forum to communicate with like-minded professionals.


Plus, your membership and accreditation allows you to
  1. insert additional revenue streams to your already existing business as new opportunities open for you as an Accredited Start-up Business Consultant,
  2. establish long-lasting relationships with clients, and
  3. distinguish yourself from others based on your start-up business consulting expertise.

The initial, all-inclusive membership fee is $399 that includes the SEMP Approach training manual, 40 video SEMP Approach lecture series, eligibility to take the RSBC exam, accreditation, and other benefits of memberships (no other fees). Annual renewal dues are $99.

Yes, it is your choice whether you want to take the accreditation exam; however, the Institute strongly encourages all members to learn the material and take the exam to become a Registered Start-up Business Consultant.  This will demonstrate your knowledge and achievement to others, which will be a great assistance in building your start-up business consulting practice.

Dues may be paid online with a credit card or a check mailed to our head office. We accept all major credit cards through our online, secure system.

Once you join, the SEMP Approach training manual will be mailed directly to you. You will also have immediate access to the 40 video SEMP Approach video lecture series, all downloadable documents including checklists, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations for marketing, a PDF version of the training manual, and other archived materials.  Upon passing the accreditation exam, you will then have access to the accreditation seal of the RSBCI to use on business cards, stationery, websites, and other promotional materials.

The RSBCI is the Institute specifically organized to promote proficiency in start-up business consulting and the awarding of the Registered Start-up Business Consultant and Advanced Registered Start-up Business Consultant certifications.  It is designed to be affordable to anyone interested in improving his or her knowledge in start-up business consulting.  The SEMP Approach training manual focuses on all areas of a start-up business and can complement the knowledge and experience you already have or enable you to enter a new professional field.

Membership fees are the same for U.S. or international residents.  The training manual will be shipped via First Class mail to countries outside of the U.S.  The training manual will NOT be shipped to any international resident qualifying for the student rate (all other benefits of membership will be the same).

Refund Policy

If I am not satisfied with my membership, may I cancel and obtain a refund?

If you are not 100% satisfied with the RSBCI’s SEMP Approach training manual or benefits of membership, you may return the training manual to us within 30 days, provided it is in excellent condition, for a full refund of your membership fee minus the cost of shipping the training manual.


If I forget my username and password, how can I retrieve the information so I can login to my account?

please send us Email with your registend Email address.