RSBCI Approach

The RSBCI Approach Instructions Series is a step-by-step methodology that guides YOU how to consult with start-up businesses to maximize profits and increase operational efficiency.  It is based on the premise that start-up business consulting can be simplified with an understandable process segmented into easy, manageable units guided by a plan and checklists.  RSBCI Approach Instructions Series gives you the tools to accomplish this.

ONE comprehensive manual encompassing all aspects of start-up business consulting.

Start-up business consulting does not have to complex, ambiguous, or overwhelming.  You just have to know how to do it the effortless method.

  • Can fit your skill level and needs of your client
  • Facilitate your clients in growing their own businesses while you grow yours.
  • Learn all aspects of small business consulting with an easy to follow, logical, concise, systems approach
  • Practice supports (checklists) to guide through
  • RSBCI Approach Instructions Series teaches you “out of the box” thinking

The RSBCI Approach Instructions Series training manual is filled with:

  • Consulting tips
  • Questions to ask clients, and
  • Recommendations.

A set of professional video RSBCI Approach lecture series:

  • Combines with the RSBCI Approach training manual to maximize understanding
  • Learn at your leisure – watching and listening
  • Start-up business concepts made simple on videos

Learn the RSBCI Approach:

  • Increase your professional credibility
  • Obtain your RSBCI certification
  • Offer this value added service to clients

Promote your small business consulting practice:

  • With more to offer small business clients
  • With new ideas
  • With new skills

RSBCI Approach:

  • Examination
  • Profit
  • Simplified
  • To Maximize
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