Why Hire a RSBC

You are a business proprietor. You have what it takes to manage or own a start-up business – independence (I want to be my own boss); passion (you love what you do), motivation (working day and night), and risk tolerance (I can roll the dice, at times) combined the technical skills that your particular business justifies and with a certain amount of experience (the school of hard knocks). But… what about other operational parts? Could you use some professional support? Are you inadequate – experience and/or knowledge in some critical parts of your business? Each day there is so much required of a start-up business proprietor or manager –pulled here and pushed there – asked to make this decision or that one. Heck, what start-up business owner can be an expert in every aspect of one’s business? So, how do you boost your bottom line?

Hire a Registered Start-Up Business Consultant (RSBC) or Advanced Registered Start-Up Business Consultant. They can play a critical role in facilitating you become more successful.

The RSBC awards the designation Registered Start-Up Business Consultant (RSBC) and Advanced Registered Start-Up Business Consultant (Advanced RSBC) to members after passing a certification exam. These members have demonstrated their proficiency in start-up business consulting. There are also additional experience requirements to become certified as an Advanced RSBC. The RSBCI Approach training program and purpose of the RSBC is designed to raise the level of start-up business consulting, thus increasing operational efficiency and maximizing profit for clients through achievable improvements in everyday systems. This is achieved through operational knowledge and proper planning.

You need one of two things – either a wide diversification of knowledge in all aspects of your start-up business, or you need the know-how of professional with proven proficiency in start-up business operations. This professional is a RSBC or Advanced RSBC. The right consultant knows how to facilitate and steer you in your business. For you, this can be the differentiation of being profitable or incredibly profitable or between success and failure. Which do you want for your business?

When you hire a Registered Start-Up Business Consultant or Advanced RSBC, you are hiring professional who is familiar with start-up business consulting from “head to toes”. Your RSBC will have the right type of understanding and practice support for your consulting project. Members receive monthly business newsletters, weekly business tips, and news alerts to sustain the current start-up business update. Your consultant is not “alone”. The RSBC has a forum for members, so they can communicate with other experienced members, seek advice, ask questions, and discuss current start-up business issues.

The concept of the SEMP Approach training is to segment start-up business consulting into simple, controllable units. This means you can hire a RSBC for a quick review and analysis of a particular business concern, or you can hire the consultant for a more detailed and composite review covering multiple business areas. You decide. Always discuss your consulting project (details and fees) with your consultant before starting of your assignment.

Be sure you have a complete understanding of what you anticipate, and what the consultant will be delivering to you (services and areas to be reviewed) to avoid any misinterpretations.
The goal of your start-up business consulting assignment with a RSBC is to improve operational efficiency and make the most profit in your business.

The RSBC will ask many detailed, inquisitive questions. You can receive the best professional opinion from your consultant, but you must be sincere with your answers. It’s a two-way street, so don’t be timid about asking questions and highlighting what you think are problem areas that should be analyzed. Meanwhile, when the consulting project is done, pay attention to the proposals with an open mind. You and your business will be the ones to flourish. Straightforward, frank, honest, and sincere communication allows the Registered Start-Up Business Consultant to demonstrate proficiency in start-up business consulting to you – the most important client the RSBC has at that moment.

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